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Travel to Medellin with us and get access to one of the richest day-life and nightlife VIP itineraries in Colombia. Our daily activities include but are not limited to city tours, adventure tours, house and pool parties, sky sports, excursions, drink and food experiences and more.

Medellin, Colombia (not Columbia) is a safe, modern city filled with sophistication and charm from its Spanish heritage. Medellin is known (a secret to many) by its cultural encounters, the warmth of its people and the amazing views that are accompanied by clear blue skies and beautiful sunsets. Medellin is becoming the destination of choice for many new and seasoned travelers. Visitors are discovering the beauty and benefits of moving and retiring in Medellin. Presently, its a bargain to visit or live in Medellin. The Government expects over 5MM people to visit Colombia in 2019. This is a dramatic increase from when Pablo Escobar was living in Medellin almost 30 years ago and tourism was non-existent.

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Luxury Family Vacation In Medellín

Medellín, Colombia (not Columbia) is a safe and modern family vacation destination, filled with sophistication and charm, beautiful landscapes and exciting things to do. As we know it can often be hard to know where to start when planning a family vacation trip, our team of Medellín travel experts with years of experience in crafting Vacation trips will assist you planning a unique itinerary to make happy every and each family member.

We’ll be by your side every step of the way enabling you to live here like locals, knowing every great thing that there is to do in Medellín and around, staying at the best neighborhoods, in gorgeous luxury vacation rentals.

Grab your best friends to Medellín and prepare to enjoy the very best of this Colombia destination on this Medellín Friends Vacation experience.

We will receive you all with our VIP services for transportation, security details, luxury accommodations, day & nightlife activities, adventure tours, boat parties, private pool parties, and all the food and drinks you can handle.

Imagine you, spending quality time with your best friend in a luxury all-inclusive Medellín friends vacation getaway! No matter you’re planning your vacation trip for a huge group or simply for a few friends, we are ready to make you experience Medellín Colombia the Great Way!

Medellín Friends Vacation

Medellín Corporate Travel

If you are planning a Medellín business travel, we can gladly guide your travel experience while you are here. Our group of Medellín travel experts will provide immediate solutions to your transportation needs, security, accommodation, food & drinks, spa & anti-stress massage treatment and a complete city guide to the best places for meetings and distraction to clear the mind at the end of every day of your business travel.

We can cater to all your corporate needs providing you with corporate services as Translators, Assistant/Consultant Services, Experienced Salespeople, Meeting Rooms, Office And Audiovisual Equipment Rentals, Catering, Incentives & Team Building Exercises, and all the amenities you could require at any moment.

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