Medellin Bachelor Party

Medellin Bachelor Party The Medellin Experience

Why a Medellin Bachelor Party is better than Las Vegas?

I don’t know where you (the groom or groomsmen) heard and got the idea of planning a Medellin bachelor party, but let’s drink for it!

In fact, Medellin has become one of the top bachelor destinations not only in America, but in the world to celebrate that glorious last bachelor trip weekend.

Medellin offers and amazing weather (28°C max/ 16°C min), beautiful views and dozens of restaurants, bars, casinos, strip clubs, spas, night clubs, sporting events, adventure tours, hotels, and even better very nice bachelor party friendly vacation rentals.

Medellin Bachelor Party Package Vs Las Vegas

In addition to what Las Vegas offers, a bachelor party Medellin has many advantages that you (the entire bachelor group) will love, for example:

  • A Luxury VIP Medellin Bachelor Party can be twice or 3X cheaper than Vegas USA.
  • In Medellin, you will find so many gorgeous and kind women everywhere that you will definitely want to cancel your wedding (XD Just Kidding). For real, you will be able to enjoy the company of the most stunning Colombian women you have ever seen right in your own private pool party.
  • Our bachelor party package has a lot of extra fun things to do than just go to strip clubs, casinos and sporting events, here you can take many adventure tours and enjoy of our VIP services (Full Transportation, City Concierge, Chef, DJ, Bartender, Sexy Friends…) at your private party house or mansion, so you are really the kings of the place.

Bachelor party Medellin Pool Party

If you are looking for the best bachelor party planners in town, you came straight to the source!

We have been planning Bachelor parties in Medellin of all sizes since 2010, which is why now our experience is second to none.

If this is your first time planning a Colombia bachelor party, The Medellin Experience can provide you the most epic Medellin Bachelor Trip experience, guaranteed!

Luxury Accommodations For Bachelor Parties In Medellin:

Medellin Friendly VIP Parties Accommodations

Whether you want a 3-star or a 5-star hotel (which we don’t recommend for a bach party), we’ll provide the perfect hotel, luxury party house or penthouse, VIP mansion, villa house or whatever you desire for your group.

Check the full list of accommodations for a Medellin VIP bachelor party visiting our main website for Colombia bachelor parties:

Experience Medellin Through Adventure Tours

Medellin Adventure Tours GuatapeWe’ll take your group to do some unique and exciting things to discover all Medellin has to offer for your Colombia bachelor party.

We specially recommend you to take some adventure tours for day activities  that will complement your unforgettable Colombia bachelor party in Medellin, choose from City Tours, Guatapé Adventure Tour, Rio Claro Tour, San Felix Paraglyding, Helicopter Rides, the Pablo Escobar Farm Tour, ATV’S, Dirt Biking, Paintball, Shooting Range, Golf, Hiking, Biking, Rafting, Tubing, Jet Ski’s, Boating, Water Skiing, Party Boats, Mountain Climbing and much more.

Check this list of Adventure Tours For A Medellin Bachelor Party

Colombia VIP Services For Your VIP Bachelor Party Medellin

Colombia VIP ServicesOnce you and your group hit Medellin airport, you will finally figure out what our Medellin VIP Bachelor Party Experience is all about.

No matter the size of your party group, we have tailored and refined our Colombia VIP Services to what we know is key to your greatest fun and pleasure:

  • Transportation Service
  • VIP City Concierge
  • Luxury VIP Party Accommodations
  • Adventure Tours
  • VIP Access Treatment
  • Private Chef
  • Private Bartender
  • Private Party Music DJ
  • Private Massage Therapy
  • Whatever Extra Service You Wish

Let’s Plan Your Bachelor Party Package Now, Visit Our Colombia Bachelor Party Planning Guide:

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