MedelliĀ­n is possibly best known for the culture, happy people and beautiful girls. The city is know as the “City of Eternal Spring” due to its mild climate all year long. Medellin is the second largest, and most progressive city in Colombia. International travelers often comment that: “Medellin is one of the most beautiful cities in South America”. The home of orchids, parks and tropical birds, Medellin lies cradled in the Aburra Valley.

Medellin Today

Medellin, Colombia (not Columbia) is a safe, modern city filled with sophistication and charm from its Spanish heritage. Medellin is known (a secret to many) by its cultural encounters, the warmth of its people and the amazing views that are accompanied by clear blue skies and beautiful sunsets. Medellin is becoming the destination of choice for many new and seasoned travelers. Visitors are discovering the beauty and benefits of moving and retiring in Medellin. Presently, its a bargain to visit or live in Medellin. The Government expects over 2,950,000 people to visit Colombia in 2010. This is a dramatic increase from when Pablo Escobar was living in Medellin 20 years ago and tourism was non-existent.

Colombia is home to the world’s most beautiful women!

Medellin is best known for its culture, happy people and beautiful women, known as “Paisas”! In Medellin you’ll find the most beautiful, genuine, and sincere women in the world. These women are extremely friendly, loving, and warm. You will be overwhelmed by these very special women. So have fun and meet new friends!

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Whether you are looking to conduct business in Medellin and expand your market share or retire in serene settings, find your soul mate, enjoy the dating scene, The MedellinExperience can provide and excel your expectations.


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