Medellin Nightlife Guide

Parque Lleras / La Zona Rosa

To truly understand Medellín, you have to see its people in party mode. Many Paisa’s love to party and dress up, show off, throw some money around, and have a good time while they’re at it. The center of the action is around Parque Lleras in El Poblado, an area that is also known as the Zona Rosa. Roughly between Calles 9 and 10A, and Carreras 36 and 42, it draws the young, the beautiful, the rich, the surgically augmented, tourists both national and international. The area is packed with restaurants, bars and discos, many of which have large outdoor patios. Most Medellin Bars and clubs come in and out of fashion very quickly, so for the latest word on the street head to Parque Lleras and check with locals. This is definitely the spot that has the most bar restaurant establishments in Medellin. It’s a nice place to walk around, people watch. There are about 20 discotecas and 50 restaurants and bars in this area, worth checking out.

This is also a very safe area to tour the night clubs. Many tourists can be seen here.

There are a few areas in Medellin for bars. Foreigners prefer Parque Lleras in El Poblado; it is safer, more upscale and has nicer crowds.

The middle class also mingle outside Museo de Arte Moderno, near Carlos E Restrepo neighborhood; and the so called Urban Tribes meet at Parque del Periodista (downtown). Other areas with bars are: Carrera 70 near Estadio, Carretera Las Palmas and Avenida 33 in Laureles.

The area around Parque Lleras, (la Zona Rosa), has a concentration of restaurants, bars and is great for people watching. It is active on most nights and a must visit for those looking for Colombian nightlife. The major restaurants on the corner, Triada, El Rojo and Basilica are great for food, drinks and people watching. Occasionally they have live music or big screens when important football matches are played.

Parque Lleras is interesting any night of the week although Thursday, Friday and Saturday are far more lively. There are places, mostly electronic music venues open till 6 or 7AM outside of the city limits as the laws forbid any bar to remain open after 3PM. People however gather around Parque Poblado until dawn drinking, smoking and talking into the wee hours of the morning. You can buy cigarettes, alcohol and anything else you could wish for from the street vendors until the last man standing.

A more glamorous experience can be had at La Strada just south of Parque Lleras on Aviendo El Poblado. The centre features numerous bars, restaurants and clubs. La Strada has become the weekend destination for the more affluent of Medellin’s residents. Expect to pay more for drinks and food than in la Zona Rosa, bars close at 1AM. Just outside of Medellin, there are some venues in the neighboring towns of Sabaneta, Envigado and Itagui. Sabaneta has not yet caught on with foreigners, making it the place to go if avoiding gringos is your thing

Recommendations in Parque Lleras:

If you go two streets over from Parque Lleres there is a disco called Santos (and a good one next door) which is a uni down to earth type crowd; best on Saturdays.

  • Club – B-Lounge is an electronic disco with rich, beautiful women as is…
  • Club Babylon is best known for its Thursday night all you can drink, 20,000 pesos to enter,. Was Located in Las Palmas just moved to Parque lleras. It’s popular with gringos and ‘gringo hunters’.
  • Club- El Blue is a popular place with cross-over music (a mix of rock and local music). It’s popular with gringos and ‘gringo hunters’. Thursday is the night to go.
  • Bar- Niagara (5 puertas), Cra 38 (2 blocks south of Parque Lleras, El Poblado), . Opens in the afternoon until 2 AM. Has been a classic for local crowds for over 30 yrs. Informal, beer, chat $$.

Las Palmas:

(5 MINUTES IN TAXI FROM PARQUE LLERAS) This is a favorite spot for many locals to hit on Thursday and Saturday nights. They are open on Friday as well but it seems to be busiest mostly on Thursday, and Secondly on Saturday. This is a very safe area in El Poblado. Circus, Palmitas are good clubs, although, Palmitas did remind me a bit, on Friday, of a troqueto hang out!!

Recommendations in Las Palmas:

Circus is venue with great views over Medellin. Very popular with the beautiful, in-crowd and normally plays cross-over music.

Lakasa Club (Electronic), Carrera 38 # 26 – 260 (Vía las Palmas km 1), +574 444 0807, [136]. International and Local DJ’s $$.

Palmitas Just tell a taxi driver to take you there. tell the driver “subiendo por las palmas” the street its on is called las palmas overlooking the city on a hill. You can’t miss it. There are also many clubs right next to it that might interest you. Palmitas has dancers on the weekedends and is for a middle-aged crowd.

Barrio Colombia – a hot spot for night clubs north and down the hill from el poblado, Just a few minutes in taxi from Parque Lleras. Located in a commercial warehouse district next to El Poblado. Catch a cab here at night, its on a safe side of town located next to El Poblado.

There are many reggaeton/ hip hop clubs here but you will also find crossover salsa and a couple rock clubs.


  • Karma (hip hop)
  • Déjà vu (hip hop)
  • Spazio 44 (electronic / crossover)
  • Kukamakara (crossover)

Other Areas:


Arte Vivo Mostly a local crowd. a great 80’s and 90’live band (arguably the best in town) playing rock-pop greatest hits and local rock. Prices are affordable, with a nice upscale crowd, and beautifull women. Located in el Poblado across the Monterrey Shopping center (Calle 10 x Las Vegas).

Bolero Bar, Cra. 67 B 51 A 98 Local 101 (Near Exito calle Colombia), +57 4 234 039. Tangos, boleros. Ph +57 4 230 3259 $.


(Medellin Autopista / Highway) just south of El Poblado Located on the highway south of the El Poblado exit about 5 minutes once you are on the highway. Here you will find the two most popular discos which are Mangos and Palmahia, lots of fun but best with a large group.

Mangos is the most famous of clubs here in Medellín and has a reputation of being visited by rich mafia-related Colombians but now is also inundated with travelers it is also usually full of incredibly hot women (proceed with caution, some women are paid for , $20 to get in, Auto Pista Sur. OPEN TIL 4AM

Palmaia biggest club in Medellin and has a capacity of 3,000 people. Standard crossover music with a boxing ring for girl-fights, dancers, Autopista Sur.


Around the main square (parque Sabaneta) in Sabaneta can be fun, and the people are very friendly. Same for (parque) Envigado.


Dulce Jesus Mio (Mi Pueblo), Calle 77S # 46B-90 Sabaneta (Next to Texaco gas station), ☎ +57 4 288 8176, [141]. 4 PM- 1 AM. The whole place is a replica of a traditional ‘paisa’ town. The locals from the village will greet you and be your host, ask you to dance and party all together. Every midnight is new years’ eve. Really fun. $$.

Bermellón, Calle 23 Sur # 42B-107 Envigado, ☎ +57 4 331 7963. Tango, et al.

Sabor Antillano (Salsa & Tropical music), Calle 38 sur # Carrera 43. Envigado (Two blocks down from main plaza). $. A fun tiny place. Classic salsa with songs coming from vinyl. $$.

Puebla / Tropical Cocktails – great place to listen to electronic music and sip on some high end Slurpee’s



Eslabon Prendido (Salsa & Tropical), Calle 53 # 42- 55 (Maracaibo street) (Downtown, half block east Parque del Periodista). Live music Tuesday nights. The name of the place plays with words: Hot -or Burning- Link instead of Missing Link. $.

Salon Málaga (Tango and Bolero bar), Cra. 51 Bolívar # 45 + 80 (Between Amador & Maturín streets), +57 4 231 2658, [140]. M-Sat 7 AM – 2 AM, Sundays/holidays 8 AM – Midnight. A classic bar right downtown. All social classes mingle here with nice music and local drinks. Dance. Only half a block away from the main Metrostation San Antonio (Lines A and B). $-$$.

La Estrella

Carnival Club Medellin,

Colombia Calle 80 Sur 50-61 La Estrella Medellin, Colombia (57-4) 302-6229

What Happens at Carnival Stays at Carnival! Carnival (Mega) Club is a place for Dreamers, Skeptics, Risk Takers, Connoisseurs, and Sophisticated Party Goers for those who like to see the sun rise. This is a Club where locals and tourist from all over the world meet for an unforgettable experience with live music and resident DJ’s. Open Wedensday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights with a capacity of 1800. Featuring Crossover from 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM then Electronica until…..

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