About Medical Services

TMEMSC, THE MEDELLIN EXPERIENCE Medical Services of Colombia was born as a consequence of the incredible boom of medicine and surgery in Colombia.

Doctors have achieved a very high level of perfection and training in the many areas of this discipline, making our country to become into one of the Latin American leaders in specialized medical services.

In addition, attractive surgical and treatment fees, which can be up to 75% less than in United States and Europe.

Our team will provide our guests with service, starting with liaison with the appropriate specialist with your information and with their report back to you including costs and scheduling for your review.

Once you have made the decision to come to Colombia, we will meet you at the airport, help you get settled into your furnished apartment and schedule your visits with your specialists.

We will also assist you in making decisions on day trips to tourist attractions nearby. What ever your need, it will be catered to by our staff.

Additionally, with the money you save with your treatment you can also have an incredible holiday in the “Juan Valdez” coffee country, an area with a cool climate full of tourist attractions. You will most likely find that your medical cost saving here will more than pay for your vacation.

TMEMSC will charge a 5% administrative fee for all medical services, tours, etc. As our fee for the services we provide you during your stay.

The fee schedule offered by all the doctors and clinic are exactly the same as charged to the home town Colombians.

The fee schedule noted for the various medical services are for cash payments directly to the doctors and clinics.

In Colombia, visa and other credit card suppliers charge about 7% for their service. You can save additional on your services here if you bring cash, American express travelers checks and or use the local 24 hour atm`s.

For additional information please feel free to contact us at

US-LINE +1 305 280-4185
Colombian line +57 3017950977

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