Colombian Visas

Colombian Visa

Here you will find out how to get a visa in Colombia.

There are many different visas offered via the Colombian government for those not of Colombian decent who wish to reside in Colombia, most require that you invest or do business here. The exception is the tourist visa issued to you upon entrance of the country only valid for a maximum of (90) days upon entry, then allowed to renew up to six months with renewal required every month at DAS. After the six months has expired you must leave the country or provide a visa. (If you do not provide a visa you will be fined at a daily rate and will be expelled from Colombia from one to five years or possibly for good.)

Our services provide you with everything you need to apply for your visa and we guarantee that when using our services your visa will be valid for the allotted time or you money back!

If you are interested in applying for a visa please contact us at 305-280-4185 or with the following information:

  • Name
  • Method of Contact (email, telephone)
  • Previous travels and dates traveled in Colombia

NOTE: Our visa services are timely and efficient, the prices charged will reflect the type of services you need (i.e. attorney, accountant, translator, shipping and consulting).

Below is information on requirements needed and the different types of visas offered by the Colombian government:


A business visa is obtained by validating your status as a businessperson, merchant, industrial or executive party. You must prove that you intend to do business in Colombia by providing the following:


  • Three passport pictures.
  • Valid passport or Document of Travel.
  • Fill in application form.
  • Photocopy of Passport or Travel Document.
    • Letter of the company introducing its employee and explaining the activity to be develop by the foreigner while in
    • Colombia. The company must assume the financial responsibility on the travel expenses of the foreigner to the country of origin. **
    • Letter from the applicant (self-employed) introducing himself and explaining the incentives and purposes of his visa request. The foreigner must submit proof of his financial capacity to do business in Colombia.**
    • Letter from the Colombian Company (private or public entity) inviting the foreigner and informing that they are responsible for him during his stay in Colombia.**
  • Certificate of incorporation and legal representation issued within a maximum precedence of 3 months. **


This type of visa presents the following characteristics: Multiple Entrances, voided if you live in the Colombian territory for a time greater than 180 days continuous.

There are different types of Temporary Visas:

  • Temporary Working Visa: The Interested must request this visa in the following cases:
  • The person is hired to work for a public o private institution in Colombia.
  • A student that it’s under scholastic agreement between a College or University in Colombia.
  • A person whom entered the country as a visitor and needs to stay for longer than 45 days.

CARACTERISTICS: Valid for maximum of 2 years, multiple entrances, for artistic groups or sport teams the maximum time assigned its 6 months.


Persons who can apply:

  • Foreigner employed by a Colombian company.
  • Foreigner working in Colombia under Academic Agreement between countries.
  • Foreigner working as technical assistant for a period greater than 45 days.
  • Foreigner transferred by multinational to Colombian subsidiary.
  • Foreigner hired by a news agency as a corespondent in Colombia.
  • Foreigner participant of an artistic or cultural group hired for a performance.
  • Foreigner working as a volunteer or missioner for a religious association, who is not a member of its organization.


  • Three passport pictures.
  • Valid passport or Document of Travel.
  • Fill in application form.
  • Photocopy of Passport or Travel Document.
  • Original and copy of the contract or letter of the company for which they request the visa.**
  • Letter of Compromise from the company that is hiring the foreigner requesting the visa, in which they assume financial support on the travel expenses to the country of origin when the contract or service is finished. Decree 2107
  • Certificate of incorporation and legal representation issued within a maximum precedence of 3 months. **
  • Certificate of Proportionality issued by the Ministry of Work and Social Security of Colombia.
  • Proof of experience, diplomas, licenses or certificates that indicate that the foreigner is suitable for the position. **


When a foreigner marries a Colombian citizen, or fills the requirements as a permanent companion, you may apply for this type of visa.


When a foreigner is interested in

CARACTERISTICS: It’s valid for one year and permits multiple entrances.

TEMPORARY ENTREPENOURSHIP: When the foreigner is the legal representative, president or executive director of a company, corporation or enterprise, and enters Colombian territory with the purpose of developing programs related to the entity that he or she represents they must apply for this type of visa.

VERY IMPORTANT: In order to apply for this type of visa, the company that it’s requesting the visa for it’s representative, must be economically linked to a foreign company with operations in Colombia or with a native company.

CARACTERISTICS: Valid for 5 years, multiple entrances; the foreigner it’s aloud to assist to meetings in board of directors, develop new business deals, supervise the management of the enterprise. The person is not obligated to be register with the D.A.S (Administrative Department of Security.).


The foreigner can apply for this visa in the following cases:

  • When the person is traveling for Medical Treatment, and will be hospitalized and requires after surgery treatment for a period superior to six months.
  • Needs to intervene on a Judicial or administrative process.
  • Is the owner of partner of a commercial establishment or partnership in Colombia.
  • Has the desire to live in Colombia as a pensioned retiree.
  • live in Colombia as a Land Lord.
  • Going to enter the country working for a non-profit organization or a N.G.O’s in order to assist with humanitarian and social programs.
  • Marriage in Colombia with a Colombian citizen.
  • Adoption of a Colombian born child.

CARACTERISTICS: Valid for one year. Multiple entrances.


This type of visa has the following characteristics: Multiple entrances, will expired if absence from the Colombian territory for a period superior to two years, and the resident has the obligation to register with D.A.S, and obtain a “Cedula de Extranjeria”. This visa has no expiration.

There are various types of resident visas:


This visa can be requested by the Colombian by adoption or borne that have acquired a foreign citizenship and have resigned to the Colombian Citizenship.


This visa can be acquired by a foreigner that had temporary visa for a continuous period of 5 years. Persons that have Temporary spouse visa, Temporary for parents of a Colombian citizen, may apply for resident visa in a period of 3 continuous years.

Visas that do not apply for acquiring resident visa: preferred, courtesy, business, crew member, temporary student, temporary entrepreneurship, temporary for medical treatments, temporary for official business, temporary for adoption, temporary visitor, tourist.


This visa can by requested by a foreigner that invests using his name, as established by statutes and regulations of the international investments. The amount of the investment could not be less than $100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars) and it must be registered in the Banc of the Republic.


This visa its expedited under authorization of the office of Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to foreigners that carry a Diplomatic Passport, Official Passport or an specific service according to the official activity that the person will be doing, assigned by a foreign government or an international Organization.

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