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About The Medellin ExperienceSome travel for business, some travel for pleasure, some want it all, with The Medellin Experience you can have it all.

At the Medellin Experience you can save 75% on surgery with acclaimed surgeons, expand your business territory into Colombia, we have assistants, knowledgeable sales people consultants ready to cater to your business needs.

From finding the right place to stay, booking tours and activities, dating services, bachelor parties, car rental, tailor, maid, chef and visa services, we have the right partnerships in place to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you want to book a romantic dinner overlooking the city, take a helicopter ride over Guatape or simply find those otherwise unattainable tickets to the hottest modeling shows.

The Medellin Experience is the place to find them. We at The Medellin Experience have over 10 years experience living and operating out of Medellin, whether you decide to stay for the weekend or the entire year we are here exceed your expectations.

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Email : Customerservice@medellinexperience.com

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